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Title: bootstrap
Post by: kevin[bot] on February 02, 2011, 06:09:40 AM
hey Elmar:

I decided to use ploplinux as the bootstrap
os for a LFS-Like installation. After the process
I decided to just go with plopdevel instead.

After install, some kernel params were not to
where i needed them so i decided to upgrade
to linux-2.6.38-rc.

The install/modules for kern:38 are fine but there
are a few things that have me scratching my head.

One: myscripts/my does not seems to be loading leaving
       which is practically leaving the "rclocal" incomplete
        at boot.

Two: Alsa seems to be failing, but nmixer is working ok.

I know that the upgrade might violate the idea
of true "plop", but i am just wondering if there
was anything special you've done to the kernel
       = Maybe kernelcommandline options

-thanks [bot]

Title: Re: bootstrap
Post by: Elmar on February 02, 2011, 08:41:16 AM
i don't understand. you are using the ploplinux development version and you updated the kernel and now some things are not working?

Title: Re: bootstrap
Post by: kevin[bot] on February 03, 2011, 23:18:29 PM
Hey, sorry about the delay:

anyhow, i wanted to build a kernel that would reflect
more hardware specific areas for my machine.

Oh, and the plopscripts are working, silly me was
confused by a simple radeon modeset=1 option
which made me believe the scripts were not working
but actually are.

Another thing is the gpmd mouse script i added to
media/ploplinux/bin seemed to not be loading but
in fact actually was. ( probably running too early in the
boot process ).

So in all i've managed to resolve most problems except
my alsa which i should probably check the wiki or kernel
wikis. The problem here is that nmixer detects my hardware
and allows sound and very low rates -- alsa identifies all
of my hardware but utilities/output fail. This must be
kernel specific, (maybe something to do with:
 hda_codec: ALC1200: SKU not ready 0x411111f0 ).
anyway -- that's my problem.

So in fact this all turned out to be a slight misunderstanding
based upon my half.

p.s. kinda funny with lilo though, building a huge kernel
raises error on mbr/boot install claiming 33 of MAX_31
will overwrite the kernel.
So i'm guessing i'll try extlinux.

Sorry about the short waste of time
Title: Re: bootstrap
Post by: Elmar on February 04, 2011, 09:00:46 AM

no problem, you didn't waste my time.

does alsa work with my kernel?
did you load the sound modules with pciprobe?

Title: Re: bootstrap
Post by: kevin[bot] on February 05, 2011, 06:47:50 AM
hey again..

well it _did_ at once after pciprobe...

there must be something wrong with my hardware
because i even tried the usb version of plop and
still received errors about missing cards even when
running cat on /proc/sound/{cards,devices} shows
each hardware device.

So i've kinda tangled myself into something that's
gonna take awhile to get out of -- hopefully it turns
out ok.

Thanks again,