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Boot Managers / Re: Dual Boot Windows 7/XP PC Issues
« Last post by ruuser on May 25, 2020, 18:01:40 PM »
Program here -
version is working fine.

just be careful, this is a program with great features
Boot Managers / Re: Dual Boot Windows 7/XP PC Issues
« Last post by nkeller74 on May 25, 2020, 16:47:42 PM »
Thanks for the reply ruuser.  What I ended up doing is partitioning one drive into two.  I installed WInXP first on Drive D.  Then when I installed Win7 on drive C the boot manager listed both Windows 7 and XP.  When I installed windows 7 it found the older version of windows and setup the boot loader.  It was almost to easy.  When I had the two individual SCSI HDD's installed(using the Adaptec controller card) and I installed WinXP first then Windows 7, for some reason Windows 7 never found the older version of windows and therefor never set up the boot loader.  I even tried EasyBCD and it couldn't ever find the other windows install. When I would go to add it the program would throw some error and crash.  Maybe I'll give Bootice a try.  Where can I find it?  Thanks again.

Boot Managers / Re: Dual Boot Windows 7/XP PC Issues
« Last post by ruuser on May 20, 2020, 10:25:09 AM »
Probably Plop is not required, you can add the WinXP startup item to the Win7 menu. You can do this using the program bootice.exe - select the BCD tab, then EasyMode, click Add, select "New Windows XP/2003 entry" and select disk D on the right side of the window, and finally click "Save current system". After reboot, the menu with WinXP should appear.
Boot Managers / Dual Boot Windows 7/XP PC Issues
« Last post by nkeller74 on May 19, 2020, 19:30:02 PM »
Hi All,

     I'm building a vintage PC to support some of my older lab equipment.  Seems dual booting windows is easier said then done.

Hardware details:

Motherboard: Asus A7V8X (latest and greatest in 2002)
CPU: AMD Athlon XP 2800+
RAM: 3GB(Max)
Disk Drives: Adaptec SCSI controller card 29160N Ultra 160
                  IBM 18GB SCSI drive
                  Maxtor Atlas 36GB SCSI

Current config:

I installed WinXP on drive D.  Before installing Win7 WinXP reliably booted.  Then I installed Win7 on Drive C.  Win7 now boots and mounts Drive D(I can see the WinXP files).

Simply this, what's the path to get a boot loader on this PC?  I didn't try Plop yet.  Will it work with this application?  Any help is greatly appreciated.


Nicht ganz. Ich habe mit EasyBCD entsprechende Einträge hinzugefügt. Also 1 Eintrag pro Partition. 
Das Problem ist, dass die Primär-Partitionen 1-3 und Logische Partition 4 einwandrei funzen. ABER!! Wenn ich versuche von Partitionen 5 bis 10 zu booten - wird einfach von der Partition 4 geladen.... Das macht echt fertig....
Die Frage ist auch, ob es mit Windows Boot Manager BCD machbar ist?

Meinst du ob man beim Windows Boot Manager die anderen Windows Installationen angeben kann?
Ok, thx.

Ok, vielen Dank für die Antwort. Schade....
Die Frage ist auch, ob es mit Windows Boot Manager BCD machbar ist?

booting from the logical partitions with this configuration will not work with the Plop Boot Manager 5. It should work with PBM6.

Best regards
Boot Managers / How many logical partitions on one drive can i set as bootable?
« Last post by Shneider on April 28, 2020, 12:40:57 PM »
Hi, i have one SSD:

1. Primary, windows7 x86
2. Primary, windows7 x86
3. Primary, windows7 x86
*. Extended with:
4. Logical, windows7 x86
5. Logical, windows7 x86
6. Logical, windows7 x86
7. Logical, windows7 x86
8. Logical, windows7 x86
9. Logical, windows7 x86
10. Logical, windows7 x86

Can i add to plop boot menu and boot from partitions 4-10 too?

Thank you in advance
Boot Managers / ifplop.c32 does not work in syslinux running from a disk image
« Last post by ruuser on April 23, 2020, 14:49:32 PM »
Hi all! I plan to use usb-hdd on different PCs, including old ones. To run on the old PC, I want to use syslinux(with Plop), but not install it on a usb-hdd, and run it from the disk image. I do this:

  title  sysimage
map (hd0,0)/sysimage.ima (hd1)
map --hook
root (hd1)

sysimage.ima - image with syslinux installed & plpbt.bin.

Syslinux itself(versions 4.01-6.03) is running normally, but the driver check does not work - no detections at all...

label __plop_check__
  com32 ifplop.c32
  append _plop_detected -- _plop_not_detected

label _plop_not_detected
  linux /plpbt.bin

label _plop_detected
  com32 chain.c32
  append ntldr=/grldr

If syslinux installed on a real disk instead of to an image, the check works perfectly.
Question: is it possible to make the check work when syslinux running from an disk image, too? Thanks.

PS. Many thanks to the developer of Plop Boot Manager, this is a really cool thing!

PPS. ifplop.c32 work correctly only if i use memdisk with option "harddisk" for mapping sysimage.ima, but memdisk is not that i need...
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