Is there any version provided for debug (plpbt.bin)?

Started by gzk101, December 03, 2009, 09:31:58 AM

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i use plpbt.bin by grub:
the command as follow:

titile boot from usb2.0 mode(by plpbt.bin)
kernel (hd0,0)/plpbt.bin

it have been tested by thousands people , but the compatibility is not too optimistic,  the past few days I have received feedback from more than a dozen cases of BUG. But i do not know how to feedback to you. So, to ask, is there any version provides for debug?
when they choose the menu,and then shows as "linux-z...",then hangs.if they use the usb keybord or mouse,maybe it is unuseful,except reboot the computer by cool reset.

I'm sorry for my poor english and it is most translated  by google.

best wishes
                            your friend  gzk101 from china


here is a temporary test version
tell me what additional chars do you see when it hangs

i fixed a bug yesterday, maybe its the same. the fix is not in this test version




i have received one Feedback

QuoteMotherboard  onda N61GT
Full Screen Repeat "hijk1563fghijk14fg"

These days I guess i will receive a lot of similar feedback,i hope you will not tired of it  ;D



he use the news version updated in 2009-11-29,but may be hangs ,he now is working ,have to test it again 1 hour later,and post the pitcure.

when he use the debug version ,it seems not hang ,but press any key ,it repeat the message as i have post before


its required to test with the test version above. the version of 29/11/2009 has only a new installer. the boot manager did not change.

not hang is good. i was wrong, the test version has the bugfix included. i require the debug infos only if the boot manager hangs.


the most compute if hangs ,and have to cool shows as follow .the picture gets from vmware

NOT:all the picture gets from vmware

when i use the debug version ,it show as follow ,when i press ESC,it can in to the boot menu

if it hangs on real computer ,what message  should I offer to you ?


if it hangs, then it does not repeat the chars. so you will see less than 10 chars. i want to know those chars. currently i think that the bug you reported multiple times and the bug that i fixed a few days before are the same. so the upcoming boot manager version will not hang.


he test it again it hangs and press ESC can't return to boot use the debug version.
lenove notebook

but it's really Strange.when he use the news version 11-29,The same picture emerged on it as i post before


its not strange. plpbt-5.0.4-2 is the same version like plpbt-5.0.4, only the install program is different


can it be fixed ,it hangs but fullscreen shows the same chars.
i hope i can recevie more bugs for you.

By the way
the last version's Compatibility is better than the 10-05.
i have recevied another hangs,and when press any key it will beep ,but it can be restart by press CATL+ALT+DEL.
the message see the picture
DELL mxc061 series
bios revison a08

perhaps ,tomarrow,i will sent anoter picture for you ,he has agree senting to me.



i have sent the 5.0.5 to the testers ,the dell copmuter above i post is't hang when choose it ,but when it reboot automatic it hangs ,and can be restarted by CTRL+ALT +DEL
the lenove computer go home ,so he can't it now ,he has to test it tomorrow.

while another computer test the last 5.0.5,it hangs,but it uses the 5.0.4-2 is normal.


please be more specific. if you say it hangs, where does it hang. at startup or at usb boot?


they all hang at usb boot .

because i have config the plpbt.bin by as follow
Quoteplpcfgbt stm=hidden cnt=on cntval=1 dbt=usb plpbt.bin

well i received the third fallback ,it hanged .it's picture is almost the same as the first lenove computer


ok, this is completely different from that what i was thinking of where it hangs!

does it hang too when the boot manager is started from floppy or cdrom?

do you use grub4dos or grub and which version number?

and test without the hidden mode. how can you give a bug report when you see nothing. does it hang during the usb detection or later?

what kind of usb hardware is connected?


because i use the hide mode so we din't test boot from cdrom or flopy.
i use ther grub4dos the verison number is 0.4.4 downed from URL:
if they don't use the hide mode ,they all can in to the boot menu,when they select the usb,and they hang,i think they all hang during USB detection
we all use the USB2.0 flash disk,2G,4G or 8G

well ,I just had received a feedback ,the fourth i sent to you ,the message as follow ,Somewhat like the first .




i tried the following on different machines

booting grub4dos 0.4.4 from bios usb
starting the plop boot manager from grub4dos
booting usb from the boot manager and start grub4dos
then i booted ultimate boot cd for windows from the usb drive

it was working without problems. i don't know whats going wrong on your machines


well i just use the plpbt.bin by grub4dos.
titile boot from usb2.0 mode(by plpbt.bin)
kernel (hd0,0)/plpbt.bin
i received this fallbacks from Network
they all can into the plpbt bootmenu,but when they choose the USB,then it hangs。
SO is there any Solution for this motherbord.
There are more error messages i received than i have post to you


that they use it from network is an additional new important info. its difficult to find solutions without all infos. they should try the latest version 5.0.5 and if it does not work, i have no solution for the moment.

post no more picture of screens with the debug output.


OH ,you may don's understand me what i says.
i mean i recevied all the fallback from network  by who use the plpbt.bin,i have use you plpbt.bin to grub4dos as above command,it's Accelerating effect is really
Significantly, Especially in the old motherboard's a great software,so i hope i can offer your info As much as possible to help you improve your soft.

i will't send you no more pictures.
by the way ,they all used the last 5.0.5 version,but they all hang when they choose the USB option.The purpose i use the plpbt.bin is to Accelerate USB's boot speed.

best wishes  gzk101 from china.

i'm sorry for my poor english ,i hope you can understand me


hi Elmar

have you any plan to update the plop boot manager recently just for boot form USB?


currently not. i have no hardware available where usb is not working



it's a pity, although I have collected a number of hardware where usb is not working,But i don't know how to Feedback to you or how to be a tester withyou.

If you have any version newer for test ,I would be very glad to be a member。

best wishes !

your friend from china。