[rather big OT] embedding rom file in iso image

Started by acislak, January 14, 2011, 22:09:48 PM

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Hi Elmar,
I was wondering if You could possibly help me. The issue isn't exactly plop related I'm afraid. So, here it goes. Is it possible to embedd certain rom image into the iso image using isolinux like Your plpbt.bin file?

I've got pci addon card with 2 sata ports (with a bootrom chip soldered on it), but I'm unable to boot my computer directly of an harddrive attached to this card. No boot menu shows at startup :( I Do You know a way to embedd this card's rom file into an iso image, so I could boot my computer of cdrom and load this rom?

I will be gratefull any any help :)
Here's a link to a rom file: http://acislak.ovh.org/6421V431.rom