Need Some Advice - Plop Boot Manager

Started by jimd, January 15, 2011, 13:26:35 PM

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I have been trying to setup a USB 2 Thumb Drive to boot systems with dual hard drives - one hard drive with Windows and one hard drive with Fedora 14 Linux. Both drive are bootable from the system's boot menu. I have always used plpbt.iso as input. I have tried Live USB Creator, Universal USB Installer and Uetbootin.  They all create a bootable usb thumb drive but the result is not able to boot either Windows or Fedora 14 Linux.  I have used Roxio to create a CD which when booted is able to boot Windows but not Fedora 14 Linux. Also, when I want to exit the application the Shutdown function does not work, I have to Ctrl,Alt,Del out of the application. What am I missing? The canned software does not function as advertised.