plopbt stoped working after update

Started by Limer, January 30, 2011, 23:26:07 PM

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Hi All,

until recently i used plopbt* v5.0.3 to boot IPFire on an IGEL Thin-Client from a USB-Stick.

After updating to the current version (5.0.10 / 5.0.11-2) this does not work anymore.
I tried every option (usb1= off/1/2) but plopbt just hangs at the final loading stage after finding the USB-Stick.

Any directions?

*actually the bootorder looks like this:

  • BIOS
  • M-Sys DOC Driver
  • Freedos
  • plopbt (as flopy image)

** external pic  another external pic

BoardWinNET P620 Ver:0.2
CPUVIA C3 800Mhz
NorthBridgeVIA VT8605 ???
SouthBridgeVIA VT82C686B