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plop5.0.6 noemul.iso / isolinux3.83 + plpbt.bin vmware fusion 3.0.1 (SOLVED)


This error looks very familiar:,84.0.html

When I create my own custom-distro, I added plpbt.bin to /isolinux/ and changed the name to plpbt. Also I added the boot parameters to isolinux.cfg. It works on a native machine, it also worked with plop5.0.5 bin in vmware-fusion we tested it before.

But the plop5.0.6 bin does not boot anymore in vmware-fusion 3.0.1. As soon as I choose plopbootmanager from the isolinux menu, vmware gives a error message:
The master boot record (MBR) of this virtual machine's harddisk does not contain valid bootstrap code.
Than I can press okay and it will shutdown the virtual machine.

The bootmanager 5.0.6 plpbt.bin does boot on the native hardware integrated in the custom-distro isolinux.

The plop5.0.6 plpbt.iso is able to boot in vmware fusion 3.0.1

But the plop5.0.6 plpbtnoemul.iso is NOT.
Since I use the same way of plpbt.bin integration into isolinux as the plpbtnoemul.iso both use the same binary I noticed, I might suspect its a bug?

The noemul.iso says:
Isolinux3.73 etc etc
Loading plpbt.bin...Ready.

Than it hangs, ctrl-alt-del still works and restarts the machine

ok, i can reproduce the mbr stuff. i look whats wrong

ahhh shit. such a dumb bug.
here is a test version.


--- Quote from: Elmar on December 27, 2009, 13:20:20 PM ---ahhh shit. such a dumb bug.
here is a test version.

--- End quote ---

It directly tried the 5.0.7 version and it works! Didn't try the test version.
Thanks for the fix.


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