Booting grub2 on a notorious motherboard.

Started by dE_logics, March 02, 2011, 17:19:54 PM

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Hi. I've been aware of plpbt for quite some time now, however I couldn't get it to work properly with a buggy motherboard.

This board does not supply power to the USB devices unless an OS is loaded (i.e the OS loads the OHCI/EHCI modules), then only power is supplied. I'm trying to get USB booting to work on this board.

So I downloaded plpbt, burnt the CD (not the boot manager installer), and selected usb... however it hangs after 'loading boot sector.....'... the USB LED lights up though.

USB is bootable with Grub2 installed. I have an older plpbt iso which works but is buggy, i.e in the grub menu the keyboard and mouse (ps/2) do not work, and this happens sometimes in the OS too, forcing me to hard reset.