Plop Boot-Manager for ATI-USB on Medion-Laptop (MD41700) ?

Started by halifax, March 04, 2011, 14:46:01 PM

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Yesterday I tried Plop Boot-Manger on MD41700 with grub2(Kubuntu 9.10 netbook-edition + WinXP).
Principally Plop is O.K., but PC freezes loading the Plop-USB-driver.
I'd like to test Kubuntu 10.10 netbook-edition on USB-Stick, because 10.04 has no support for built-in Prism-WLAN-Adapter(upgrade failed for this reason).
Is it possible, to get Plop-USB-startup working for ATI-USB ?



5.0.10 looks promissing:

I use "hama USB 2.0 Card Reader 35 in 1" with silver-colored plastic-case instead of that with transparent-blue one  now . . .
In SD-slot is my 4GB-Intenso-SD memory-card recognized as "transcend"(see appendix device007) with Kubuntu 9.10.
Booting USB there is no freezing any longer:
1) EHCI-driver is tested, then unloaded
2) OHCI is loaded, seems to "see" transcend-SD, but cannot find grub2, I put on the card with different PC (BIOS capable booting via USB) and is functional there.
3) Plop returns to boot-menu

Is it possible, to fix this problem?


4.3.2011 18.55 CET:

Die 4GB-Transcend-SD-HC-Memory-Card im BLAUEN hama-reader kann mit Plop 5.0.10 und folgenden Settings gebootet werden:

Video mode     : 640x480
Start mode     : menu
Countdown      : off
Countdown value: 15 seconds
Default boot   : off
Profile        : 1
Starfield      : on
Zoom animation : on
Font           : bootmanager
Force USB 1.1  : 1
Use USB MassDev: 1
Use INT19h     : off
Startup hotkey : no
Skip PCMCIA    : yes
Fast PCMCIA    : yes

For this

ID 0781:5406 SanDisk Corp. Cruzer Micro 1/2/4GB Flash Drive
(this is a real USB-stick with rejectable plug and Kubuntu 9.10 /usr-partition)

has to be unplugged !

Now grub2-boot-manager-menu on Transcend-card is shown, loaded by PLOP !!!

Thank You very much  :-*  Elmar  :-*, great job!

Grüße aus Hamburg

Tomorrow I'll install netbook-Kubuntu-10.10 on "Transcend".  :)