error Msg: cant find hal.dll

Started by fasteddy, March 08, 2011, 20:21:00 PM

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I see that there was an old thread on this a while back, I didn't see any real solution. I'm also getting an error when trying to install to the hardisk using the Windows boot menu (2K, XP, VISTA, Win7)

The error is when booting is can't find hal.dll! I've checked and the file is there in system32 folder. I'm trying to install Plop Boot Manager onto an old Compaq Armada Laptop, that will not boot from cd or floppy, can't get into the bios as it's some custom setup from the past that Compaq provided floppies to access. I'm trying to turn it into a linux box, it currently has a ligit copy of XP Pro service pack 2 on it. Any help would be apprciated.



Solved the problem myself, I ended up installing Plop from DOS, getting some CDRom errors, but at least the boot manager is up and running!