Reinstalling windows XP

Started by EXEasakim, March 20, 2011, 05:39:03 AM

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hi.. im new here

i want to re install my old desktop computer. but currently my DVD-rom is broken
so i want to reinstall it using usb but sadly my old mobo doesnt support boot from usb. now i know about this software and wanted to ask something.
i installed in harddisk and put it in the same partition as the currently installed windows xp. if i formatted that partition in the first step of installation. whether the manager will be erased ??? and i can't continue the next step of installation ???.... if so then what should i do :-\

sorry for my bad english ;D


Are you Russian?)
You may write PLOP in the floppy then boot from floppy and "say" to plop that you want to boot from USB. It's all.



If you did a normal install to harddisk then plop boot manager is installed to the Master Boot Record and some space on the fitst track that is normaly not used.

So you won't erase it, but you won't be able to fully undo the install as the saved original MBR info is on that partition.

After first boot of your new installed XP the boot manager wil be disabled as windows will write a new MBR.

As Raider mentioned , if you have a floppy drive you can use a floppy too.


i see so i must use floppy to continue my xp installation
thx ;D

and by the way i'm not a russian ;D