Ploplinux not found on Netboot

Started by burnme, April 09, 2011, 13:43:46 PM

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Hey Elmar and all else.

Okay, first and foremost, I am using MS Virtual Machine 2007. I am trying to setup a netboot for my laptop, and I am testing it with a VM to make sure it is up and running. I have attempted to use the newest version of Plop, the system will connect, download the bzimage, and the initrd.gz. From there a few additional messages popup and then VM crashes and a bug report is requested.

I still have copies of the old 3.18, which has ALWAYS been my most reliable version. It works with a VM from a disk of usb, and can do the same on any machine I plug it into. Now I am able to use 3.18 ISO distro as a folder for netboot, from there the bzimage and the initrd are pulled without issue. As well, I am using the pxelinex.0 from 4.1 since I do not have the oringinal for 3.18, though I don't know if that makes a difference. As well I have the samba mount pulling across the network. Linux begins to load, then it says Ploplinux not found on This is a Window share folder with the sqsfs files in it from 3.18. There is no error from the samba mount message, but it still says plop is not there.

Could use some help getting the to load up. I want to have a net loadable OS for my laptop to pull from, that way I can take my OS around with access to wireless network. In the long run I just want to customize the xserver or fluxbox with my own setup and then run custom linux programs.

Thanks for looking


upload the image to my ftp server, when i have time, i take a look at it.
i sent you the access data as private message



Thanks for taking a look once again. I took a screen shot and put it on the server. Let me know if there is something else you would like to know. I appreciate the time.



i was meaning the virtual machine file


My apologies, I don't have a VM file, this is being loaded via PXE on a Windows server. so I only have the ploploinux distro in a folder system. Did you want me so copy the structure and contents over?


please do a test: create an iso file with your ploplinux files to get an iso that is the same like the pxe version, but boots from cd. then try to mount the samba drive by hand with the same user/pass you are using in the pxe config. are you able to mount the drive?


I did the test making the new cd with cdrtools. When loading from the iso the system works just fine, like it should. I can manually load the samba mount, and browse and use the files.

The only thing I see that makes me stop and think is in the setup for the netboot. I know in the pxeconfig.0 file there is the command telling system where to mount, like you do with the manual command. I don't know, it seems like if it would work on a cd it should be able to pull it from the network since it connects and pulls the bzimage and initrfs.gz.

Still get the same information as posted in the picture I posted you didn't want.


when you mount it manually for example to /mnt, what do you see when you make "ls /mnt"


Well I did the following mount command just so you can check it:

mkdir /mnt/smbmnt
mount -t smbfs // /mnt/smbmnt

When is ls the directory it mirrors the windows folders perfectly, including additions and removals of files with a refresh. It works perfect, that why I don't understand why it can't find Plop.

Is there something in the plop 4.1 pxelinux.0 file that would cause it not to load a plop 3.8. I don't know if there was a change in that. Otherwise I am lost, hence me asking you. Much appreciate you taking a look.



This is with the iso and the manually loaded samba, you can see each command I used to get there.


the ploplinux directory is one level too high

when you make ls, you should see
ploplinux <- in this directory are the plopliunx files


They are... I think. Here is the entire folder structure.

Tftpd32 is setup like so:

root: C:\tftpboot
No security

DHCP is on as well

Folder Layout:


* Shared on Windows


thats wrong

see where the ploplinux directory with the files is


I was able to get the OS to load. I didn't realize I would need use the same folder structure with 3.8 as with 4.1. It booted into plop without issue. Thanks for all the time you put in.