boot manager hard drive install

Started by yanceycat, January 22, 2010, 23:07:55 PM

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I'm a linux distro hopper so I just learn how to used unetbootin but my pc is a old dell laptop no usb booting in bio I try useing PLoP boot manager in the lived cd but it boot the usb fash drive just a hair late so it say it can't find the usb
I have Xubuntu 9.10 on my machine now what happen if I install the boot manager to the hard drive will it wipe out my Xubuntu ?


before you install the plop boot manager, you have to install grub to the xubuntu boot partition. then you can boot xubuntu. if you don't do this, then the plop boot manager overwrites the grub and xubuntu can't be booted. then you have to boot with a live cd and either install grub again to the mbr (that removes plop) or to the boot partition.