booting an iso image file ?

Started by jose6a, June 03, 2011, 01:26:21 AM

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first of all, sorry about my poor english (i'm french)

so, is it possible to download an iso image file, on a directory
(under windows) and, tell plop, at boot, to load and launch
that iso ?

my purpose is testing iso cdlive without burning a cd.

thx for help, and "bravo" for plop ! ;D


NO !
Plop is a boot manager (Verry powerfull and tiny) NOT an device emulator!
Grub4Dos can do that so look at that bootloader and how to!.


Ok ! thanks for you 'strong' response ... lol

I'm sorry if my questions are ridiculus ....

so, do you think i can install plop in the MBR, and grub4dos a the beginning of another part ? for exemple
plop on mbr of hda, and grub4dos in a logicial part of an extended partition ?

thanks again


Hello  jose6a,

I Think so!!
Not sure on extended partitions ( Can Have 16 primary with plop so no need for me) in a primary you can install stage 1 grub4dos in the boot sector and stage 2 in the same partition.
If you have Plop in the MBR do not install grub4dos stage1 in the MBR , it will disable plp.

Regards jan.