Trying to boot linux on asus t100ta

Started by dps, May 11, 2019, 08:15:11 AM

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so, as the title states, im trying to boot and then install linux onto this asus t100ta that i bought the other day. ive tried everything i know of, but it just does NOT want to boot anything other than the stock operating system (windows 8, which i upgraded via the web updater to windows 10). ive read a lot into it and i keep seeing that everyone has been having problems doing this.

   the closest ive come to getting it to boot was a 32 bit version of android x86. but it stalls at the "found on sdb.." and then reboots into windows.

if there is any way that i can do this with plop, please let me know. im about to try the ways i know with plop right now, but ive not used it too many times... so ill probably miss something.

   ill be here all day, so just say hi or something and make sure im still alive lol