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Booting Ubuntu

Started by Niterios, July 27, 2011, 07:48:23 AM

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Well basically my computer has your standard Windows 7 and Ubuntu dual boot. Nevertheless, since I installed Ubuntu, grub has been incapable of booting Windows 7 successfully 100% of the time. I tried everything to fix it, but its pretty much random: When I choose Windows 7 in the grub menu, sometimes it boots and sometimes it just restarts my computer. I tried everything (REALLY EVERYTHING) and grub just wont boot it 100% of the times.

For some other reasons I used plop, and I discovered it does boot Windows 100% of the time. Im planning to switch to plop as my main boot manager instead of grub, but I just cant get it to boot Ubuntu. Im currently booting plop from a CD to try to get it working before I actually install it. Im not sure what Im doing wrong. My partition setup is as follows:
-sda1: Windows 7
-sda2: NTFS partition I use to store files.
-sda3: EXTENDED PARTITION, includes the following logical partitions, in this exact order:
      -sda6 linux-swap
     -sda5 ext3 (Ubuntu partition)
      -sda7 Partition required for chrome OS (willing to delete it if necessary).
-sda4: Partition for chrome OS (will delete if necessary too, just wanted to check it out running from my disk :P)

I tried the default profiles in plop and the only OS that actually booted using them was Windows7, with the default profile for sda1. If I try to load sda3 using its default profile i get the "BOOTMGR is missing. Use Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart" message. I tried changing the default profile for sda3 to use any of the 3 possible logical partitions inside of it, and none of them worked.

What am I doing wrong? I understand that plop should be capable of booting up Ubuntu with no problems. Any help would be appreciated.