Plop Boot Manager Problems (Doesn't Work!)

Started by Citystars, July 30, 2011, 01:32:43 AM

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I've downloaded plop boot manager from the website the file
Then extract it and burned the iso file to a cd ( plpbt-5.0.12\install\plpbtin.iso )
Booted then from the cd, and got the menu for installation for plop.
I installed the boot manager, and reboot the pc and put the disk out.
Then i got the boot menu from plop: HDA, HDB, HDC, HDD, Floppy, CDrom, USB.
I needed this from booting from usb, so i push on the USB in the menu then i got a extra screen but its black...
Can't do annything annymore, the only thing i can do is reboot my pc.
And when i rebooted my pc its gone. Only thing i got then is Setup, About, Shutdown.
So im going to setup and when the 2nd screen comes i see the profile, partitions and boot something, but i don't see whats selected, the box is gone, so i need to push it and see if its the right one , if not press escape and 1 down and try again...

Whats with the problems here?!?  :'(

Thank you !