LibreOffice and OpenOffice

Started by Belive, August 30, 2011, 15:48:54 PM

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You need

    A linux file system (ext2/3/4). FAT or NTFS does not work!
About 4.5G free space

Humm, how to achieve, that on an USB key ?
I know, that Puppy Linux can create a ext3 persitancy within FAT, but here I'm stuck.

Furthermore, 4.5Gb of free space, this imposes immediately keys of at least 8Gb, while LibreOffice should be about 0.5Gb

No workaround?



at first thanks to me that i took the time and wrote the script

1) the linux file system only is required to create the new opt.sqfs. the support of symlinks is needed. fat and ntfs dont have that support.

2) 4.5gig are required for the whole automated process, not for the result opt.sqfs. the final opt.sqfs with office will have about 650MB