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P2-300MHz Plop
« on: February 01, 2012, 09:44:55 AM »
Last night I was experimenting with FreeNAS, I wanted to do something with an old P2 which I didn't want to throw in the bin as it was all working.

System specs:

Pentium 2 - 300MHz
64MB PC133 RAM (Note: FreeNAS actually requires 96MB)

After experimenting with Plop for most of the day here are my observations

* Seemingly only one of my 2 motherboard USB slots is bootable?

* Initially USB booting froze and I had to Ctrl + Alt + Del, after experimenting on how I was writing my bootable USB image I got it working. There are two or three ways of doing this and really you need the time to sit down and fully experiment.

* Thankyou for making PLoP Elmer, you've given me USB booting to an ancient machine ;D