Plop Boot Manager breathes life into an old Sony Vaio 505

Started by juren, February 17, 2012, 16:13:40 PM

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Just a note to say that Plop Boot Manager has helped me breathe life into an old Sony Vaio 505 with just 256 kb of ram.   This old laptop has slowly choked on XP as updates and apps have grown ever larger slowing the little laptop to a crawl. 

I always thought Linux would be a good way to make it useful again but it has no floppy or CD drive and the bios does not allow the USB 1.1 port as a boot option.

Plop to the rescue!  I was elated to discover Plop after numerous searches around the Net for a solution to my problem.   After some detailed reviews and reading of the docs, I downloaded, installed and ran Plop.  I then rebooted and VOILA!   The boot manager included a Plop option when then allowed be to select booting from a USB port where I had a version of Linux already to go and from there I was able to get Linux up and running on the old girl in no time. 

Thank you Elmar and the Plop team (whoever you are) for helping me do this.