Upgrade Linux from USB (Question answered)

Started by Jakob, June 05, 2012, 19:22:19 PM

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I'm about to use the plop boot manager to upgrade my Linux Mint install from 12 to 13 (perhaps this is not so important, since I'm interested if it would work on any kind of Linux install). The laptop has a broken dvd-reader, no floppy disk reader and USB-boot isn't available from the bios.

So what I was wondering about is if I use the option of starting the USB install of my new OS from the Plop Boot Manager (via GRUB 2) will it work when the OS install itself on the HDD or will it's overwriting of the original PLOP and GRUB2 files stop my whole reading from the USB?



the installation will overwrite your grub files. the plpbt.bin will stay as it is. you dont have to take care about plpbt.bin during the installation. plpbt.bin is completely in the ram. so it doesn't matter whats happening with the file on the hard disk. and when the linux kernel of the install linux has been booted, then linux controls the usb reading -> the boot manager in the ram has nothing to do anymore.

when you format the hard disk, i suggest to install the plop boot manager to the mbr to have it as fall back  if the linux installation fails.