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Started by burnme, April 23, 2012, 11:54:14 AM

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Elmar, hope all is well, I still admire all the work you do on this. I had a small question for you on the dev pack you have put out. First and foremost from what I see is this the base linux needed to compile the kernel? or just the file system needed to run it? I looked in the folder and it looks like a build for a linux distro, but then I looked in the forum and someone mentioned that this had all the dev tools are deployed in it like gcc so you can make installs and sqfs up the result for deploy after isolinux load. Maybe its just late and I missed the point but a little clarity would really help, I am still having the issue of getting version 4 and up to run on ms virtual pc, it either stops after loading trackpoint.c, or with the new distros it just simply kills vpc and I am asked to close or debug. So at this point I am still using 3.8.1

Anyway, thanx for your time.


the developer version is a full working linux. its used as source for the live version of plop linux. but you can compile your own linux kernel for plop linux in any distribution.

currently i cannot test the virtual pc problem. what was the last plop linux version that you tested?

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Well since I tend to stay pretty up to date with what you put out, I have tried every version. I have them all going back a ways, all the plop version 3 work fine. Ever since the update to plop4, a while ago I know, it has not run on vpc. Right now the last working version I have that will run is plop 3.8.1. Don't worry too much about it, I posted the pic a while ago, in another post, about the error and we didn't have any luck getting past it then.

Anyway, appreciate you posting up a reply, maybe with the dev distro I can work it out. Perhaps if I use vpc to run the distro and compile on it, hopefully it will help eliminate a few issues. Thanks again for your time, I know you don't make anything from us leeches.