add some new editting tools?

Started by Lampje, March 16, 2012, 13:27:35 PM

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I like this boot manager very much, much better than some commercial ones. Especially the fullspeed USB startup is a huge step forward. :)

My first question is, can you add some menu (partitons and profiles) editing tools to insert or delete an entry and that the rest will make room or close the gap or just move an entry one place up or down?

My second question is, I know how to hide a partition, see link, but is it not easier to just set the hide flag to hide a partition and clear it to unhide it, in the partitions id menu ? Just like the boot flag. For most of the partitions this will do.


there is no space to add additional program logic.

best regards


Hi.Newbie here.
Fullspeed Startup for usb is a fine feature.
I reviewing now the other tools like this on the commercial field.
Adding partitions is a good idea anyway I think as well.