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Started by SeanChiarot, August 03, 2013, 01:28:26 AM

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I am trying to get PloP Linux to boot off TFTP but having no luck, it loads some files then states "Plop linux not found. Starting busybox." When I look at the TFTP program it states that files could not be found or access denied to the syslinux directory. Sadly I could not get tftpd working for me, so I'm using Solarwinds TFTP program.

Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated!



is your tftp directory structure the same like in the documentation or is it different? if its different, then i have to know where the tftp directory.



It follows the same.

I ended up saying the hell with Windows and used a linux tftp server and its working fine now :D

time to figure out a way to run all the scan's, one after another automatically
(for example) type "Update-Scans" and it updates ALL the scans, then type "Scan-PC Name" and it runs all the scans and a way to boot Hirens ISO as well, then my mission is complete, back to tinkering I go.