Problem boot plop linux on pxe (TFTP) but tftp can't load file from tftpfilelist

Started by prapop, September 26, 2013, 14:44:56 PM

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I use window xp and boot pxe from virtual box
i use genfilelist.exe  to create file and boot with it, it can't download  and find error 123 in log of tftp server
and try to create filelist-iso  like   echo "ploplinux-netboot/ploplinux.iso" > c:\tftpboot\ploplinux-netboot\filelist-iso
it's not work same

But i download the Example file: c:\tftpboot\ploplinux-netboot\tftpfilelist (in your page)
It'can download file and boot.
firstly. i check file from genfilelist and file from download. it's different,the file from download is not wrap word
second.i use notepad++ check special character find file from download not have "CR"

please help me to genfilelist.


there is a bug in the documentation. i had no time to update the documentation

to use the iso version of tftp boot change in the tftp-iso.conf file "iso_filename=ploplinux.iso" to "iso_filename=ploplinux-netboot/ploplinux.iso"