HELP: Uninstall PlopBM from Parallels installation

Started by mindtrip, October 26, 2013, 21:45:11 PM

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I run Windows XP as a Parallels installation on my MacBook Pro.  Some time ago (and for reasons I can't recall) I installed PlopBM to the MBR of this Parallels install from inside the virtual machine.  Plop has become very annoying for booting my virtual os, so I want to uninstall.... and I can't figure out how.  I've deleted the boot.ini lines that appear to refer to the boot manager; I've deleted files from the C:\plop directory, I've even installed the recovery console in windows and run FIXMBR--nothing works, and plop continues to hijack the boot process.  I thought FIXMBR would take care of this, as that's one of the recommended ways of removing plop from the MBR according to the documentation, but although Windows reports the MBR has been fixed after running this, Plop is still there.

Please advise.