USB key on PCCard, Plop on USB floppy

Started by lev, November 08, 2013, 23:09:50 PM

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Hi Elmar,

It's been a while since I last posted...

I still have my Toshiba Satellite Pro 6000 Laptop. It has USB 1.1 ports and was shipped with a USB floppy drive. It can boot from this drive (but not from USB harddrives or flash drives), that's the way I launch Plop.

Plop has enabled me to boot from a USB key inserted in the built-in 1.1 ports, for several years. Recently I bought a Belkin PCCard providing 2 USB2 ports (F5U222v1) and, as you can guess, I would like to boot my USB key faster!

I just tested plpbt-5.0.15-test/pcmcia/plpbt.img, in which I configured plpbt.bin with "plpbtcfg usb1=2". (The non-pcmcia Plop detects the USB floppy drive and hangs, if I don't unplug the drive before hitting U, so I tried to circumvent this by the usb1=2 option.) It hangs at this stage:
found PCI to CardBus Bridge
searching pccard
pccard found, searching for usb controllers...

Can you help please?