How use NETWORK option in PLOP started from BIOS option ROM?

Started by Gelip, July 30, 2011, 13:05:11 PM

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Hi. My BIOS have option boot from LAN. I adding PLOP to Award BIOS. Plop start only if set in BIOS boot from LAN at first. PLOP working OK and boot from HDD, USB, CD-ROM but not working option NETWORK. After select NETWORK, PLOP running back. What's wrong? I added ROM to BIOS grabbed my PCI Vendor and Device ethernet card. How properly add plop ROM to Award BIOS to use NETWORK option?


i dont understand. do you start the boot manager from the network or did you flash your bios to start the boot manager from the bios rom?



I want to run a computer over a network using the options NETWORK in Plop.
I have added PLOP to BIOS but why NETWORK option not working? If I select NETWORK this restarts PLOP. On another computer on the network I am running a TFTP server with DHCP and pxelinux.0 but nothing happens when you select NETWORK in Plop.
I checked with gPXE.iso and everything works but I would do the same with the Plop.


i still dont understand you

am i correct? plop boot manager is in the bios rom and when the boot manager has been started from the bios rom then you use the network option in the boot manager menu?


Yes, PLOP is in the BIOS ROM (AWARD), starting normal but then use NETWORK option in the boot manager menu this restart PLOP. Server TFTP is properly configured.
My motherboard is Soltek SL-75DRV4 with AWARD BIOS. What is difference to use int19h (On/Off) parameter to make ROM? I do not remember if I used this option when creating ROM.


the network option is to start the network option rom of your bios. when you replace the option rom of your network card in your bios with the boot manager, then the boot manager became the network option rom -> when you use "network" in the boot manager then the boot manager start itself, because its the network option rom.

the boot manager itself is no replacement of your network card rom to provide network booting. the "network" option only loads the network card rom to avoid the pressing of a hotkey to change the boot order.


Can I add together Plop and gPXE the BIOS? Do you then start PLOP and select NETWORK option from boot manager menu this run gPXE?

No. Item-Name         Original-Size   Compressed-Size Original-File-Name
  0. System BIOS       20000h(128.00K)11D13h(71.27K)J7F2WA14.BIN
  1. XGROUP CODE       0EBE0h(58.97K)09EF1h(39.74K)awardext.rom
  2. ACPI table        0671Eh(25.78K)02254h(8.58K)ACPITBL.BIN
  3. YGROUP ROM        0AB00h(42.75K)04C16h(19.02K)awardeyt.rom
  4. Other(4029:0000)  04CE0h(19.22K)02251h(8.58K)_EN_CODE.BIN
  5. Other(40B5:0000)  01DE0h(7.47K)00C54h(3.08K)_ITEM.BIN
  6. VGA ROM[1]        10000h(64.00K)0A48Bh(41.14K)E14JTWAY.ROM
  7. PCI driver[A]     10000h(64.00K)07BECh(30.98K)237R497.ROM
  8. PCI driver[A]     0AC00h(43.00K)0AA1Ch(42.53K)GPXE-3~1.ROM -> gPXE

PCI driver[A]     0AC00h(43.00K)  06700h(25.75K)  plpbt.rom -> PLOP


when you have enough space in your bios and bios the bios can handle it, then it should be possible. but gpxe must be stored in the bios rom before the boot manager rom, because the network option in the bootmanager is loading the first rom that has the id of a network rom.


OK, I generate gPXE ROM module size 47,5KB no compress and added it to BIOS, next trying add plop.rom but cbrom tool automatic replace PCI option ROM (deleting gpxe and inserting plop) Probably this is problem the same address both option ROM. Compressed size of modules is:

066D0h(25.70K)   plop.rom
0BB45h(46.82K)   gpxe.rom

25,70K + 46.82K = 72.50K
Free space without any module PCI:
Remain compress code space = 128F9h(74.24K)

so both modules should fit.

OK, I added second module with option Other 8000:0
1. gpxe and plop - working only gPXE (not possible run plop)
2. plop and gpxe - working only plop (not possible run gpxe, not option NETWORK in plop)

I want making this:

1. Insert both modules to BIOS (plop and gpxe)
2. Start PC to PLOP configured default count down 5s boot to HDD
3. During this 5s possible choose option NETWORK to run gPXE module

This scenario working good if BIOS have only gPXE module and start PC e.g. from PLOP BootCD and select NETWORK



I tested many combinations for a few days :P and finally succeeded in :-). Tested with 2 PC that have the same NIC Ethernet Compex RE100ATX 10EC 8139:

1 PC: Soltek SL-75DRV4 AWARD v6.00PG 256KB (bios 442)
2 PC: Clayton CVOAT217 AWARD v6.00PG 256KB (original BIOS)

Need make PLOP 5.0.11 option ISA and gPXE 1.0.1 option PCI

My config PLOP is 5s boot from PROFILE 1

1. If necessary you need make free space in BIOS to insert 2 modules PLOP & gPXE (I had to delete some modules from Clayton BIOS - logo, anti-virus and VGA)
2. I had make gPXE 1.0.1 for my NIC PCI VENDOR & DEVICE ( without some options to decrease module size from default 56KB to 40KB like this:

3. Make compressed PLOP option PCI from plpbt.bin with -forceINT:
C:\Program Files\PLOP 5.0.11\rom>plpbtrom -forceINT -compress plpbt.bin plopfisa.rom (default is 10EC 8139 but this is not use in ISA)
4. Need convert PLOP PCI to ISA with BROMCFG (ROMOS by RayeR tool)
5. Insert modules to AWARD BIOS with CBROM 207
cbrom bios.bin /isa plopfisa.rom
cbrom bios.bin /pci gpxedec.rom

6. In BIOS settings need DISABLE all boot options. BIOS boot capabilities no longer needed - now use PLOP :-):
First Boot Device Disabled
Second Boot Device  Disabled
Third Boot Device Disabled
Boot Other Device Disabled

PC default boot to PLOP (ISA) with countdown 5s set boot from PROFILE 1 (first HDD). Now selecting NETWORK option runs gPXE :-) and PC boot from PXE Server :-)

You can add more options to gPXE (it was a few KB of free space in the BIOS) or if you have free space - insert full gPXE module 1.0.1 :-)

Quotebut gpxe must be stored in the bios rom before the boot manager rom, because the network option in the bootmanager is loading the first rom that has the id of a network rom.

PLOP working with both combinations: PLOP + gPXE or gPXE + PLOP :-)

P.S. To Elmar: Please add to new version of PLOP again -isa option to possible make PLOP module option ROM :-). This is usefully for inserting this module in combinations other.

Please comment :-)


good work!

i am wondering that it only works when the boot manager is a isa rom. when you tried it as pci rom, did you set a different vendor/device id to the roms?



Initially I trying insert both modules like PCI using other method. Single module PCI (PLOP or gPXE) working only if NIC card PCI is inserted in the PCI slot and in BIOS set boot from LAN. If you take out the card module not working. I got the idea to configure PLOP PCI module with vendor & device my other PCI card - Wifi PCI card (168C 001A) and set class code to 0100 (SCSI). Next set boot option in BIOS like this:
First boot device: SCSI for module PLOP
Second boot device: LAN for module gPXE

but after some test this not working :-(

Maybe with other PCI card like SCSI controller inserted to PCI slot this working but with Wifi not working. (User xKVtor using SCSI Silicon Image controller SiI0680 or SiI3112 to insert module Screen to FDD :-) (english), (my ASM mod))

ISA option ROM no need vendor & device, no need inserted in PCI slot PCI card :-) PLOP 5.0.11 there is no option -isa, therefore first need make PCI option rom with any vendor & device e.g. 10EC 8139 and convert this module to ISA e.g. with tool BROMCFG. This tool is module ROM editor/converter PCI to ISA

P.S. I generate new PCI option gPXE (42.5KB) with a few additional options like this:

Note 1: In some Award BIOS'es e.g. Soltek SL-75DRV4 can not be enabled option USB Keyboard Support. If this is enabled then PLOP not start and PC boot only from BIOS boot order list. If first device in boot order list is set to LAN then auto run gPXE.

Note 2: In some hardware config PLOP not working with some AGP card e.g. Abit BF6 + AGP GeForce2 MX400. After change card to other e.g. AGP S3 Savage 3D PLOP working. Of course option USB Keyboard Support need also disable.

Note 3: PLOP maybe not working if BIOS have other option ROM e.g. VGA SGABIOS.BIN


This is video working PLOP & gPXE in AWARD BIOS:


I will report that exactly the same options ROM: plopfisa.rom & gpxedec.rom working in COREBOOT :-)
./build/cbfstool build/coreboot.rom add -f coreboot.jpg -n bootsplash.jpg -t raw
./build/cbfstool build/coreboot.rom add -f plopfisa.rom -n genroms/plopfisa.rom -t raw
./build/cbfstool build/coreboot.rom add -f gpxedec.rom -n pci10ec,8139.rom -t raw
./build/cbfstool build/coreboot.rom print

coreboot.rom: 256 kB, bootblocksize 848, romsize 262144, offset 0x0
alignment: 64 bytes

Name                           Offset     Type         Size
fallback/romstage              0x0        stage        18428
fallback/coreboot_ram          0x4840     stage        105697
fallback/payload               0x1e580    payload      52484
config                         0x2b2c0    raw          2704
bootsplash.jpg                 0x2bd80    raw          8062
genroms/plopfisa.rom           0x2dd40    raw          29696
pci10ec,8139.rom               0x35180    raw          43520
(empty)                        0x3fbc0    null         152

Searching bootorder for: /pci@i0cf8/*@11
Searching bootorder for: /rom@genroms/plopfisa.rom

Press F12 for boot menu.

Turning on vga text mode console
SeaBIOS (version rel-
Select boot device:

1. DVD/CD [ata1-0: OEM     CD-ROM F563E ATAPI-0 DVD/CD]
2. ata0-0: Maxtor 2F020J0 ATA-7 Hard-Disk (19881 MiBytes)
3. Legacy option rom
4. gPXE (PCI 00:11.0)