IBM TP600E I9990305 (no os found) error

Started by avig70, December 05, 2013, 06:12:17 AM

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First I wanted to thank you for a great app :)

Now to my Q...
I have one old IBM ThinkPad 600E that I put a PIII cpu in and 160MB ram, it works with windows 2000, even boots to XP, I managed to install Ubuntu on it once but now I'm trying to install Lubuntu on it for obvious reasons. I loaded a 64GB USB with the lubuntu image, and burned plpbt.iso on a CD and it doesn't boot, it keeps bringing me to the "Press F1 to boot after inserting disk" screen, I press F1 and get I9990305 error on the screen.

Just to varify I put the plop boot CD in a different computer and it boots with no problem, I also tried to boot the 600E with XP boot CD, Ubuntu live CD and
Lubuntu install CD and all boot fine.

Any thoughts?


I know this is 3 months old now, but lenovo has a error code list for the TP600 :

There it says :

I9990301                                              1. Check that the operating system is installed in the hard disk drive. If not, install the operating system.
I9990301: Hard disk error.                        2. Reseat the boot device.
I9990302: Invalid hard disk boot record.     3. Check the startup sequence for the correct boot device.
I9990305: No bootable device.              4. Check that the operating system has no failure and is installed correctly.

Maybe check 2 & 3 =) (just in case)