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Started by andreas, August 17, 2010, 10:11:53 AM

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hi elmar.

i want to start automatically an aplication after x has started. in the autostartx script you suggest to add a command to auto start in terminal 1, but this is not working.
i have modified in the following way
case \`tty\` in
   # place here any command that should auto start at terminal 1
   # remove the # on the line below the see the text
   # echo hello, this is terminal 1


the application is executed but stops immediatly, because x is not available !

any idea how to do this in a better way?

Thanks for your help


remove your line from the autostartx.

bootup ploplinux
copy the file /root/gnome to the ploplinux/myscripts directory (or wherever you want).
edit the copied file gnome. insert the line "exec /media/myApplication/startup &" above "exec gnome-session"

then edit ploplinux/myscripts/
insert the line (with your path of the new gnome file) "cp /media/ploplinux/myscripts/gnome /root/gnome" above the line "sh autostartx"

now, your applications will be started when you use startx or the autostartx with

best regards


Hi Elmar.

works perfect.

thanks a lot.