Windows 8.1 - unable to get partition information 44"

Started by dcas, October 22, 2014, 19:57:56 PM

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Hello guys,

I ve just added a SSD to my HP notebook envy, i want to keep my HDD (replacing the DVD reader), but when I power on my PC : the PC boots from the HDD. When the HDD is not connected, it boots perfectly on the SSD.

The problem comes from HP which added to his BIOS ( i think) , an automatic detection of the former HDD, added to that i can't priorityze boots on the BIOS.

So that led me there with trying alternative solution : plop.

I add tried to install plop from a BOOTICE ( = software that helps monitoring back up , restore , partitionning etc..) and BOOTICE had in his packages "plop manager" that i couldn't select to install on my HDD.

So I thought I could install myself by downloading the package itself.

But when comes to the step : cmd, to install the package : i get the following " unable to get partition information 44"

I have seen some similar error on this forum, with partition information 120 but written in dutch, even with google traduction i don't understand... ( guess google is not perfect!)

THanks in advance for your help , i d like to add that I m quite novice at all this stuff.  :-\

Dear Fellow :D :)



is your windows booted with efi? if yes, then the boot manager is not compatible.

best regards


Erhm ok, so i guess that leaves me the choice between  option 1 : "uninstall or disable EFI option on my windows 8"  else if option 1 not possible , formate my HDD install windows 7, put the bootmanager on it and then, reboot from my SSD with windows 8.1 ..

That's getting nasty :s. what do you think is best ? or maybe you have another idea.

Thanks Elmar for your time.  :)