Bootmanager Installed... How to use USB connection

Started by philpense, November 06, 2014, 17:13:43 PM

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Pleased to report that the Bootmanager v.5 is on my Windows 7 Ultimate notebook.  Can see the following options:

Q HDA Partition
W Profile Data Written
U Loading EHC Driver
I PXE Boot/ Bootmgr Options
F Loading Bootsector
N Blinking cursor

Have Ubuntu on a USB drive and do not see what the next step might be to connect to it and launch.  Although "USB" is an option as shown in the uploaded image I see no command to make this happen. Image should be attached ... Additional link to an uploaded image found at:!542&authkey=!AHkDB7ZMGpa-Uwg&ithint=folder%2cbmp

Guidance sought.


Keep in mind I have very little experience with Plop, but can't you just highlight USB and press enter?  Or press "u"?



Much thanks for the reply. I knew I would get this question. Please note that before posting I tried every key that elicited some response then tried every combination/permutation I could think of.  You are the only one who has posted since Elmar responded to get bootmanager installed. 


philipense, the problem is that your question is so confusing and strange.

does anything happen when you select any entry with the enter key?