Ms-dos usb boot problem, black screen with a blinking cursor.

Started by yiren, December 12, 2014, 05:12:08 AM

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Hi, I have installed Plop Boot Manager (by running InstallToBootMenu.bat in folder plpbt-5.0.14/Windows/)
to Windows boot menu of a laptop  (laptop model: Aspire 5500z) running Windows XP Pro which doesn't support bios usb boot.
I would like to use Plop Boot Manager to boot a ms-dos bootable usb flash drive from the laptop.

In Windows boot menu, I select Plop Boot Manager, in Plop Boot Manager menu I select
USB and press enter. Black screen appeared and a blinking cursor came up at the left most top corner of the screen
and nothing happened except the blinking cursor.

The ms-dos bootable usb drive boot up with no problem when I tried it on another bios usb boot support laptop.
I tried the "plbpt-5.0.15-test" version and got the same problem. Any help ? Thanks.