Fail to boot from USB while 2 of my BIOSs could

Started by thelordabdo, January 04, 2015, 00:29:20 AM

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First I want to thank the developer for this great program , but i want to report a bug so this program can be better .

I created two bootable Kingstone usb using HDD Regeneration program , the first was 2 GB , the second was 8 GB , Both turned to 2 GB fat 16 USB after formating .

I have tried to boot using my old PC BIOS with ASUS P4B533-X Motherboard and with my Dell Inspiron n5010 BIOS , and it worked with both the two usb flashs , Both have the latest BIOS Update .

With Plop loader I fail to boot with both , at the PC the loader just hang after saying searching for EHCI drivers , and at the Lab-top two red lines at the end appear saying no bootable usb drive has been found .


I forgot to say that the loader works with other ISOs at the same computers with the same USB Flashs .