Custom CD Kicker

Started by Lensters, March 15, 2015, 21:39:39 PM

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I have an old motherboard that won't boot from USB drives so I need a kicker.  I have used the plpbtin.iso but that requires user input and the machine will be at a location that I don't want to go every time the power is interrupted or I need to reboot.  So using the ideas from,1258.msg4621.html#msg4621  I opened the ISO in MagicISO and extracted plpbt.bin and modified it with plpcfgbt.exe and inserted it back into the ISO.  When I try to boot from that CD it fails with a checksum error.  I'm guessing I need to update the ISO's boot image but I haven't found a method of doing that.  Any suggestions are welcome.



Thanks!  That is so easy I'm not even going to comment about using labels and goto branching.  Command line people understand simplicity.