plop manager does not work right it wont boot from usb

Started by gabak, June 07, 2015, 21:42:41 PM

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i have tried with two different laptops and i got the same result.
toshiba satellite L675
hp probook 4530

i could make it work in the toshiba one once and i dont know how it was a miracle and i could nt make it work again.

it boot from the dvd or cd just fine and i can choose the USB option then i see a blank screen, and that's it.
i got the last version i have Plop Boot Manager 5.0 ( i tried little version and the full one)
same result.

thank you in advance !!

pd: both computers are capable of booting up from the USB and it works fine, but i want to make a youtube video about plop linux.
i made it work in my other VM just fine.



do the laptops have internal webcams? if yes, maybe thats the problem. use ctrl-shift-u to skip devices and figure out what device makes the problems.

best regards