PLOP plpbt 5.0.15 only boot to grub2 menu on USB

Started by Neill_R, February 10, 2016, 21:39:14 PM

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I have a HP G61 laptop. This machine will boot from a USB device and it does so successfully with my Lubuntu 14.04.3 on a Integral 16GB data stick. But i want to boot my machine from the CD I burnt containing that version of PLOP. All seems fine it boots to the flying stars page and when i select the USB from the menu the Grub2 menu appears. I select Ubuntu but then nothing happens

Could my USB dongle for wireless keyboard and wireless mouse plugged into the LHS  USB port while the data stick plugged into RHS USB port be an issue?

Removed the wireless keyboard and mouse dongle but this did not solve it.

Tried CD and USB on anther machine and it worked. Got an error message saying attempt to read or write outside of hd0 as there are no internal drives it continues and loads up okay