Booting from hard disk in CD Bay

Started by syncswim, February 13, 2016, 13:20:29 PM

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I have an old laptop which does not allow booting from USB. I installed PLOP boot manager on the internal HDD and the machine now boots linux happily from an SSD attached by USB. So far so good :)

Seeing as the 'client' is happy with this Linux installation, I bought a caddy which replaces the dead optical drive. The external connector is IDE, the internal connector is sata. Having booted linux from a pendrive I can see that the drive is detected and working properly.

But here's the problem. When I choose to boot from CD in plop, it says no CD is detected. I guess that makes sense as there is no CD, but an SSD where the CD would normally be.

I should mention that this disk is formatted to EXT4.

How can I boot from this disk?

Thanks in advance :)



the CD option is only for IDE CD/DVD drives. USB optical drives are not supported by the USB driver.

when you boot Linux then you can use PlopKexec instead of the Plop Boot Manager.

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