HFSRescue image files

Started by ndrondjong, February 29, 2016, 19:48:11 PM

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Hi there, im a newbie on harddrive recovery. Please forgive me for asking such a basic question.

Im trying to recover my old harddrive that's been accidentally formatted on OSX Disk Utility. The drive's been on my drawer for almost a year now. Have been using many disk recovery application but they cannot keep the folder structure intact.

I know that for safety measure, i had to use an image of my original drive for recovery. How can i create drive image for recovery using HFSRescue? Do HFSRescue support drive image from stellar phoenix or even can i create it with disk utility?

Thank you very much



it's not required to work with an image of the hard disk, but if you think, there is a risk for a hardware defect, then its better to work with a hard disk image.

I don't know what stellar phoenix is doing. See the link how to create an image with dd:

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