USB key recognized as HDA partition 1

Started by Ghost Line, April 06, 2016, 13:20:05 PM

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Ghost Line

Hello guys !

I'm working on an USB key who have to run a WIM image on a large panel of computers, with several pretty old who have an USB2.0 support existing in BIOS, but not supported for a boot device.

After a little crawling in the web, I've found that Plop could solve my issue by using a specific USB 2.0 driver.

So I've installed it. But, for some reason, I cannot use USB on the menu list ("Boot error - No boot device found), but the hda partition 1 ... this is the only way I have to boot on my key. The fact is that the USB driver doesn't seem to be lauched (AFAIU, it's alright, since it's launched when the USB option is selected).

So, if anybody has an idea ... If needed, I can provide a Ghost image of my key.

Thx in advance !

Ghost Line

Oups ! I've just understood that it's a QEmu "feature" who create this situation.

I've another problem, but I'll go check the forum before asking.

Edit : and ... no.

I've got two cases (menu activated, USB keyboard) :

1- on the old computer, Plop reboot if I choose 1 or 2 for the USB, but is stucked juste after that (and I don't have keyboard anymore, as expected)
2- on a new computer, when I try to detect the USB, I've the "Boot error..." message, and no more keyboard : so I'm stuck into the menu

And I can still boot the USB key if I choose HDA PARTITION 1.

I don't get it ...