boot from the fifth hard drive (solved)

Started by carlofrc, May 31, 2016, 09:17:21 AM

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i'm read any hint , search anywhere google search, But I have not found a solution that worked.

The problem is quite simple, but I have not found a workable solution.
The problem is to boot from the hard drive by a fifth hp Gen8.
Theme very treated in HP forums, though no really working solution.

This is because I would like to boot from the fifth hard drive with Xen.
Something that is not feasible because HP has no drivers for xen to manage volumes in raid.
So the hard disks have to be seen in ahci configuration, and ahci boot is done only from the first hard drive. And that did not sit well with me.
Plpbt.bin, once configured manually would be fine, too bad I only functions if the hard drive is the fourth (83h). Yet, as a hard disk I can choose from 80h until 89h.

plpcfgbt prf=1 prfname=disk5 btdrv=84h btprt=1 btlog=1 o:\boot\plpbt.bin

Not work... any hint?

I forgot, all on secure digital or on data usb.

(edit 01/06/2016)

A litle error.... must "btdrv=85h" because the must add 1 ...the secure digital...


Note for Elmar, please, in the new version do not limit yourself to 4 hard drives (hda-hdb-hdc-hdd), at least 6 (hda-hdb-hdc-hdd-hde-hdf).