Total newb looking for some help with HFSP Rescue

Started by davekoni, November 25, 2016, 15:09:13 PM

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Howdy, to start I am not that fluent with linux command line and so I assume many of my issues revolve around that. I am trying to help a friend recover some files from a corrupt Mac Hard drive. The hard drive has been removed from the machine and is plugged in via USB to my Ubuntu machine. I would like to recover the files to another external hard drive.

I understand that the recovered files will be placed in the directory from where you start hfsprescue. That seems to be my problem. When I navigate to my external hard drive and try to find hfsprescue it says command not found. I have tried to add it to the path but not sure if I have done that correctly, or if you can even launch the program from the external hard drive location? I assume there is not a switch you can set with the original hfsprescue to chose the location of the rescued files (did not find it my reading)? The rest of the process and steps make sense but I just can not seem to get hfsprescue to launch when I am in the external hard drive and not sure why. Appreciate any help.



when a program is not in the path, then you have to use the program directory (absolute or relative) too, to start the program.

In your case, just copy the 'hfsprescue' program to the external drive. Start the terminal and change to the directory with the hfsprescue program and run 'sudo ./hfsprescue <parameters>'.

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Thanks for the help. I was doing that, then I read some more and realized that my hard drive was not formatted correctly. All working now. Thanks again.