Which is first partition?

Started by dinosore, February 07, 2017, 14:16:48 PM

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I've been using PloP on a usb stick installation of Porteus and would like to use it on the hard disk.

The hard disk has been extensively re-partioned, mostly with gparted and now looks like this.

david@monocerus:~$ lsblk -o name,label
├─sda1  winclean
├─sda3  win10
├─sda4  FIRST
├─sda5  Debian Main
├─sda6  booty
├─sda7  data
├─sda8  home
├─sda9  biggie

FIRST is the first partition physically, but not in the dos partition table.

So, if I want to put a boot directory on the first partition for PloP, should it be on winclean or FIRST?


When FIRST in the 4th entry in the MBR, then choose hda4 in the Plop Boot manager setup.

The boot directory is not important for the Plop Boot manager. Important is to install Grub (or another Linux loader) to the boot sector of a primary partition.

Note: GPT is not supported by the Plop Boot Manager.