How to build boot rom with Plop for NIC? (Solved)

Started by AnthonyX, March 02, 2017, 14:56:33 PM

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I'm tried to create a boot ROM to boot PloP from NIC, less risky option than to modify the motherboard BIOS.

First of all, I did modifies the BIOS and I follow the instructions for plpbtrom and I succeeded on the first try on of Asrock K8S8X (Sis 900 integrated NIC).

Now I tried to make a boot ROM for PCI network card, but there's no luck. Computer(s) can not detect  boot manager.on NIC

I used the same plpbt.bin (and the same vendor&device IDs, maybe is this is wrong?) for the mentioned motherboard, but I gave him added size 128k to match a size of MX29F001-T, Flash chip, which I had on hand.  Programming with the Willem programmer without any problem.

I'm  programmed chip inserted in the socket on the Realtek 8139D and also in the 3Com 905B-TX. Both cards have enabled 128 k boot rom. But boot manager does not work in any case.

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you


How did you solve this problem? I am interested in some more information!