plop support of IBM Bios

Started by 1IET71WW, March 12, 2018, 17:33:19 PM

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Hello everybody,

I need to accelerate huge USB1.1  boot time of a Linux system (Antix) on IBM T30.
its Bios supports only boot from USB1.1 and not from PCMIA card.
The main system is XP, that I want to leave untouched

I thought that Plop could be the answer.

Looking for how to do it in the readme doc that I don't fully understand, I had to go thru the forum and I saw this thread (21-12-2012),1463.0.html, saying "...IBM Bios "is not supported" by PLOP boot manager..."

Is that still true nowadays ?

Thank you for your answer




when you want to boot Linux, then use PlopKexec. This will work on your computer.

Best regards


Thank you, Elmar, for your quick answer.
I will dig into it

Best regards