hfsprescue resume

Started by studentism, April 10, 2018, 12:00:07 PM

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First, thank you so much for this utility.. It's sadly buried under a ton of BS apps on related Google searches, and it definitely saved my ass. I promise to donate as soon as my financial situation improves.

I hate to be that guy requesting something without any contribution, so I'll simply leave this here as a suggestion you can completely ignore. The only real issue I encountered was having to stop/restart the -s1 phase on an incredibly large volume. That was the result of a few suboptimal conditions on my part (not a typical use case), but if it's not an insane amount of work I think it'd be really helpful to be able to resume from the last block recorded in s1.log.

Regardless, you deserve a hero's reward for what you've made.



thats a good idea. It also opens the possibility to continue on any sector. Interesting for disks with hardware sector defects.

The next release will have this feature.

Best regards