Booting Logical Partitions

Started by 3guesses, May 02, 2018, 15:41:03 PM

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I have been using Plop for a little while and really like it but there seems to be a bug in it regarding booting into logical partitions.

I have set up my hard drive with the following partitions:

hda1  Windows 7 Boot
hda2  Windows 7
hda3  Windows XP Pro
hda4  (extended partition)
  hda5  Slax 7.0
  hda6  Puppy Linux 7.5
  hda7  Lubuntu 18.04

I have configured Plop to boot the primary partitions hda1 and hda3 and the logical partitions hda5, hda6, and hda7 (I have installed appropriate bootloaders to the PBS of all three logical partitions).  All of these work except for hda7: when I then try to boot into hda7 (Lubuntu 18.04), it actually boots into hda6 (Puppy Linux 7.5).  I thought that I had done something in Puppy Linux which had messed up the PBS of the Lubuntu partition, but when I overwrote Plop in the MBR with a standard MBR (/usr/lib/syslinux/mbr/mbr.bin from the Lubuntu 18.04 live cd) and set the boot flag on hda7, it then booted into Lubuntu correctly.

For reference, I set up the linked partitions for hda5, hda6, hda7 as follows in Plop:

hda5:  hda4 L1
hda6:  hda4 L2
hda7:  hda4 L3

Is this a bug in Plop, or have I not configured it correctly?


Lets assume it's a bug. I cannot confirm it at the moment. If I ever update the Plop Boot Manager, then I will give it a closer look (when I don't forget it). The logical partition support will be better in the new boot manager.

Best regards


OK, thanks.  I'm quite excited about the new boot manager - do you have any forecast ETA yet?


There is no ETA. There are still a lot of things to do. Today I finished the partition access support. Master Boot Record Partition Table and GPT.


Great stuff.  Well, I hope it goes well because I'm really looking forward to trying it out.