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Plop not detecting OS on external SSD or Flash Drive (formatted as MBR)

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As the title says, I've tried to use Plop to boot both Windows 10 (BIOS, not UEFI), and Ubuntu (same), and no matter what I try, Plop won't detect it nor boot from it. It only detects the built-in ssd of my laptop. Using Plopkexec, however, I am able to load Ubuntu manually (it's also not automatically detected, so I need to manually run kexec). I can give more information, but as I don't know what is and isn't helpful, so let me know.



I am no sure to be the one fixing your problem, but a least helping to make the case more obvious.
Firstly, are you talking about Plop Linux booted from its live-CD, or do you make use of a permanent install of the Plop boot manager on your system ?

Secondly, do we agree that you chose "booting from USB" from the menu, when trying to launch your operating systems from your external HDD ?


I'm actually using Plop over PXE boot, served off a Raspberry Pi. I've tried booting from the external drive using the "boot from USB" menu option, as well as by trying to boot any of the hdb partitions. Booting HDA partitions only boots the main drive in the laptop.

Well, you did as I would have done.

Just remembering from the documentation that Plop needs BOOTMGR for booting Windows or GRUB in case of Linux, may you confirm that both Windows and Linux have their loaders installed on respective partitions  ? I guess yes, just brainstorming.

I'mt not sure I can use regular Plop (just Plopkexec), since my laptop apparently has a built-in USB hub. Do you know if it's possible to boot Windows's BOOTMGR from plopkexec? Though I don't seen to need GRUB in the case of Linux, simply because I'm using Plopkexec.


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