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Windows 7 USB Error


I have an old desktop whose BIOS does not boot from a USB. I have trying using PLOP to install Windows 7 from a USB and keep getting the error 'plpA20!'. I did not get this error when booting Ubuntu from a USB. Any suggestions?

Hello !

You have been facing the problem for 5 years now. We find your question asked in 2014 on a Windows forum.

--- Quote ---BR - bradserio - Installing win7 from usb
Hi.  Is anyone out there familiar with Linex?  I am trying to install win7 from usb but 'boot from usb' is not an option.  Tried PLOP but got error message: plpa20!  Now I'm trying Knoppix but don't know what to do.  Yes, I contacted Knoppix.  No answer yet.  TYVM.

--- End quote ---

When does the error message appear at startup? Are you sure it comes from Plop? After the error message, can you go back without restarting the machine?

I ask these questions because I don't know this error message. Elmar, the author, could tell us more perhaps.

As a general rule, I don't like to answer next to the question. But in your case, in order to solve a problem that has been unresolved for so long, I suggest installing an IDE/PATA DVD drive on your desktop, to install Windows without requiring a boot from the USB port.

My two cents.


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