Windows 7 USB Error

Started by cbkoch13, March 23, 2019, 17:51:23 PM

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I have an old desktop whose BIOS does not boot from a USB. I have trying using PLOP to install Windows 7 from a USB and keep getting the error 'plpA20!'. I did not get this error when booting Ubuntu from a USB. Any suggestions?


Hello !

You have been facing the problem for 5 years now. We find your question asked in 2014 on a Windows forum.

BR - bradserio - Installing win7 from usb
Hi.  Is anyone out there familiar with Linex?  I am trying to install win7 from usb but 'boot from usb' is not an option.  Tried PLOP but got error message: plpa20!  Now I'm trying Knoppix but don't know what to do.  Yes, I contacted Knoppix.  No answer yet.  TYVM.

When does the error message appear at startup? Are you sure it comes from Plop? After the error message, can you go back without restarting the machine?

I ask these questions because I don't know this error message. Elmar, the author, could tell us more perhaps.

As a general rule, I don't like to answer next to the question. But in your case, in order to solve a problem that has been unresolved for so long, I suggest installing an IDE/PATA DVD drive on your desktop, to install Windows without requiring a boot from the USB port.

My two cents.